Signs It's Time To Redesign Your Website

Websites don't last forever.

Websites don’t last forever. Even if you plan your site to work for the current vision for your business, you can’t accurately account for the entire future of your business.

If your site is particularly outdated, or if it’s not working well for you, it’s probably time to consider a full-scale site redesign,

Some signs that it’s time to redesign your site include:

  • Your business has changed or grown
  • Your site looks like it was designed in 1995
  • The information on your site isn’t user-friendly
  • You apologize for the site when referencing it … or
    When handing out your business cards
  • You’re not getting good results in the search engines
  • It’s not bringing in enquiries and helping you to make sales
  • Your site is costing you a fortune to update

If your site has any of the problems mentioned here, it’s time to build an updated, modern, professional website.

The steps needed to update and revise will differ depending on the problems and issues that your site has.

You may not have to start from scratch. But, do make sure that you address all of the problems that your site has so that you won’t have to redesign again any time soon!

Contact us at NQ Web Design for “what it is” your current site needs.

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