About Us

Our History, Experience and Expertise

NQ Web Design is a subsidiary of North Queensland based ‘Finest Concepts Pty Ltd’ providing both web design and graphic design solutions.

We believe ALL our clients are a big business, so whether we’re designing a logo, corporate identity or custom made web site, our designers consider everyone as being of high importance.

Our past experience

We have a history of radio and press advertising behind us, plus we ran our own “award winning” tourist publication, Holiday North Queensland which we ran successfully for seventeen years. This has now been transferred to an online magazine.

We have been creating sites since the mid 90’s for many businesses in North Queensland which encompass the tourist industry, sites with shopping carts to enable purchase of goods online, for accommodation (with online bookings and secure payment gateways), tours and attractions as well as the construction and service industries. As you can see from our portfolio of sites created, we have many other industries covered.

The Team

We have 3 web developers / designers using the latest Apple Macintosh computers. We also have PC’s to enable us to check all is working well on both platforms. As well as growing into the development of the internet, we have staff with University IT degrees to back up the latest technology.

To stay in touch with the latest industry trends, we utilise the latest software on the market.