Guide: How to View Your Webstats

Would you like to know how many hits your site receives?

Information to Check Out the Stats for your Website:

STEp 1.

Type your domain name followed by /webstats/ ie.

Step 2.

A dialog box should appear, requesting you to enter your username, and password.

Once you have supplied your username and password. Click OK. (Please note that your username and password will be in the documentation delivered to you upon completion of your website).

Web history

Once Logged in you will be able to check:

  • number of hits per hour, day, week, month etc. (monthly history)
  • pages viewed
  • browsers used
  • referring search engines
  • referring sites
  • search key phrases used
  • search keywords used

From this information you can determine the keywords that are working for you and what you need to change – add; where you business is coming from and the information people are seeking.