Search Engine Searches

Achieving a good Google listing requires knowledge, patience, persistence, and sometimes a little bit of luck.

Let me explain… Users seek out Google because of search relevance. Google attempts to maintain unbiased and relevant search results by constantly updating their search algorithms.

Your web site is the storefront for your products and services, but it has to be found high in searches within your category with Google and Yahoo to make it useful and people don’t usually search past the first two pages.

Our services are customized for your site and your business. We do not use automated submission tools or questionable design techniques. We know your site, your business, and your products and services which allows us to have your site listed into the right directory for the most used searches for your product.

This doesn’t happen overnight. It will probably take months to be picked up by search engines and placed into the right category and once you are there, you don’t necessarily stay there. Google changes all the time and so does your placing in the searches.

Search Engine positioning starts with the building of the website and works from there, so if you want your business listing on the first pages of the search engines, give us a call.

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