Why have a website?

A website should be an integral part of your marketing strategy.

Think of a web site as a shop front window for your business, its open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, constantly working at marketing your business.

It is also how your company is perceived by clients and competition alike. As the old saying goes first impressions last.

Modern web design that is easy to navigate with clean coding is something we excel at.

Having designed and developed 100’s of websites, we feel very comfortable developing a website to suit your business. Whether it be e-commerce sales or a shopping cart, a data base driven web site or a site to have a web presence, we recognise the needs of each individual client.

We treat you as an unique business and that is how we develop a website for you.

A website should include all aspects of your business – and this should be kept up to date as you change direction.

You can add or delete products or services  and you can do this as things happen. That way your site is always current.

With a website you can change things constantly – not wait a whole year for the new advertising / book to come out, and if you have made an error, changed phone numbers or your address, this can be incorporated immediately into your website.

Below are a few of our websites which focus on different aspects you need to promote or sell your within your business.

eCommerce / Shopping Carts

If you’re looking to start an online store, look no further that running your site on BigCommerce. We are experts in designing for this software which can have your site up and running within 48 hrs.

You are able to update information, add and delete products, photos and information directly on your website. You also have the ability to keep track of the people looking, those buying and products purchased or bookings. A content management system is built into this type of site.

  1. Dine-a-Chook
  2. Baskets of Delight
  3. Studio Jane Grove
  4. Graphic Education Posters
  5. Boating & RV

Information Websites

Great for people who want to provide information about their business and the goods and services they provide to potential clients.

  1. Trufit Sheetmetal
  2. HME Consulting Engineer
  3. Paddy McHugh
  4. Townsville Boat Licences

Websites for Information with Secure Online Bookings

Accommodation bookings can be made online through a secure gateway for credit card payments. People can choose their accommodation type and make that booking direct to the client. i.e.

  1. Airlie Waterfront Motel
  2. Townsville Seaside Apartments
  3. Brisbane Valley Pet Care

Blogs / Online Journals

A blog (Web Log) is typically used by an individual for an ongoing diary or commentary, but it can also be used to great success for business or organisations, maintaining a constant link with their new and existing client base.

You will see that it is built into the structure of the website with the added advantage of still being able to post information on a regular basis. A content management system is built into this type of site.

Real Estate / Builders

  1. Simstock Rural – Stock Station Agency
  2. Elmes Rural – Stock Station Agency
  3. Royal Palms Realty.

Listing property and or livestock for sale for the whole world to see what is available, along with info. to choose a reputable builder.

Check out further sites on our portfolio pages

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