About blogs and blogging

To put it simply, a blog is really just a website that contains a series of articles displayed in reverse-chronological order.

As described on Wikipedia the term blog is a contraction of the term “web log”. Originally a blog was used as an online diary, in which users would share a personal account of their lives, opinions and thoughts. The blog has since evolved into commercial use, and is often used by companies and businesses to maintain a constant link between themselves and their new and existing client base.

A common list of blog terms

  • Blog: A website which publishes articles, news and information on a regular basis
  • Blogging: Is the process of authoring a blog, maintaining a blog or adding articles to a blog
  • Posts: The articles on a blog. Also referred to as “blog posts” or “entries”
  • Blogger: The owner or person who provides content for a blog is often referred to as a blogger
  • Blogosphere: All blogs on the internet, or the blogging community at large
  • Blog Feed: The file containing a blog’s latest posts. It is read by an RSS aggregator/reader and shows at once when a blog has been updated.Feed
  • Reader: Software or online service allowing you to combine the feeds of multiple blogs into one and allows for the fast access of their favourite blogs. Also called a feed aggregator.

Advanced topics

Think of a blog feed as the news feeds or tickers that scroll along the bottom of your television screen when you watch a news program. A blog feed can really help simplify the blog reading process, as it can be subscribed to, using a feed reader or feed aggregator.

Imagine that you have several blog websites that you visit regularly for news, information and entertainment. It would be quite time consuming to have to type in each URL and move from one blog to another. Subscribing to a blog using a “Feed Reader” allows for the fast access of your favourite blogs by being able to access them in the same place.

Email newsletters are great, but spam is not. The deluge of junk mail has made it increasingly painful to follow the news and what’s happening on your favorite web sites via email.

Most blogs, but not all, allow comments and feedback to be posted by users, this can result in greater interactivity between the blogger and the readers.

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