Internet Browsers – Review

An Internet browser is your window to the web, where you can find almost anything from the comfort of your own living room. Today, the Internet is widely used for media, research, communication, shopping and entertainment. The better your browser, the more you will see and experience.

55-h_main1Up–to–date web browsers are equipped with the latest features and technology to simplify, accelerate and enhance your Internet experience. The newest features include tabbed browsing, RSS feeds and voice interaction. Browsers are also more customizable and entertaining with skins, informative and fun widgets and additional add–ons.

Safety is a common concern among web surfers, and for good reasons. The number of hazards seems to grow every day. Viruses, spyware, phishing schemes and identity theft are some of the concerns. Other worries come from the threat of online predators and the appropriateness of material for children. Modern Internet browsers shield against all of these factors to keep you, your family and your PC safe.


Internet browsers should have three main objectives: simplicity, security and helping you get the most from the web. Because all of the browsers in this review are free, after reading the reviews you may want to download and consider a couple of browsers. You might even decide to use more than one browser—for example, one for fun and one for research.

Below are the criteria Top Ten REVIEWS used to evaluate Internet browsers.

Features Set
Top–ranked Internet browsers offer many practical features that make surfing the web faster, easier and more convenient. A few of these features are tabbed browsing, thumbnail previews and an integrated search engine.

Ease of Use
Internet browsers ought to be simple to use so anyone, regardless of their knowledge of computers or the Internet, will feel comfortable using the web.

Security is one of the most important aspects of browsing the web. Internet browsers should protect against pop–ups, viruses and phishing frauds and allow you to clear personal information so you can feel confident while online.

Speed & Compatibility
Your internet browser should help you surf fast and efficiently. While the speed of your computer and internet connection account for most of the speed, not all browsers are created equal in regards to how fast they startup, process HTML and JavaScript. Likewise, not all internet browsers will open all pages correctly. The best browsers will open websites quickly and properly.

Although most browsers are free, quality customer support helps if you run into problems. Developers provide support through email, phone, FAQs, manuals and tutorials.

Internet Browser Software Review

The top 5 browsers in order are ….

  1. Firefox
  2. Google Chrome
  3. Internet Explorer
  4. Opera
  5. Safari

Please remember this is only advice on browsers – you really need to check them out for yourself.

Things are always changing on the internet and so with browsers .  Always update your browser when these updates come in – the changes have been made for a reason and possibly the update could make your computer more secure and safer.


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