Considered taking your products online !!

Worldwide there are now over a billion Internet users, representing one large global consumer base or marketplace. The total amount of goods sold online has been steadily increasing each year as the Internet gains in both popularity and familiarity. Studies have shown people shop online because of … lower prices, a wider selection of products, […]

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Why Have a Website

Well one reason is that it doesn’t matter what size your business is – where you have your office or how many staff you have.  To people looking for your products on the net the small home based business is the same size as the large corporate ones with hundreds of staff. One website we […]

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Finally – Our New Website

Like most people in business, you always leave the work that needs to be done for yourself til last and that is exactly what has happened with us. Always too busy with building websites for other businesses, as the client always comes first which is as it should be. Our old site still works well, […]

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What Exactly is Search Engine Optimization?

SIMPLY EXPLAINED, IT IS THE TECHNIQUE OF ATTAINING A HIGH RANKING IN SEARCH ENGINES AND DIRECTORIES VIA CHANGES TO YOUR SITE CODE TO MAKE IT MORE SEARCH ENGINE COMPATIBLE. The bottom line? If your designer can’t show you substantial search engine traffic they’ve achieved for other clients, chances are they won’t be able to optimise […]

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What Can NQ Web Design Do For Me!

At NQ Web Design – we listen to your ideas and discuss your business, then come up with the best concept to sell your business with a professional and modern website. 1. Custom Websites. We don’t use templates – if you go with a sitebuilder, you’ll be using a template that maybe dozens or hundreds […]

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Signs It’s Time To Redesign Your Website

WEBSITES DON’T LAST FOREVER. EVEN IF YOU PLAN YOUR SITE TO WORK FOR THE CURRENT VISION FOR YOUR BUSINESS, YOU CAN’T ACCURATELY ACCOUNT FOR THE ENTIRE FUTURE OF YOUR BUSINESS. If your site is particularly outdated, or if it’s not working well for you, it’s probably time to consider a full-scale site redesign, Some signs […]

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